About Us

Olympic Academy of Driving has been in the industry since 1998. We started off with a mere 1 driving instructor and after 3 months, the business flourished enough to start hiring extra personnel. Over the years we have encountered many exceptional team members, they join the company, they leave a mark and achieve greatness in their own way then go off to explore other opportunities. Every instructor now, and before has left an unimaginable difference in the company.

Reinhard the owner started Olympic when he was 20 years of age. With help from his wife along the years as well as all the team members, we have now grown in size and reputation. We have hired different members to help in the financial sector as well as an operations manager to make sure all the business tasks are run smoothly.

We have always believed in giving you the best tools to work with, great cars with dual break system to ensure your, and the instructors safety. We thrive on being effective and efficient. Our instructors are qualified and professional. We have different instructors to suit every students’ personal need. We do our best to be affordable and simultaneously give the best service possible.

Our mission is for every individual member is to exceed their own expectations of their abilities and performance. Doing their daily job, that requires so much time and dedication, not just to themselves but to students. By striving for this on a daily basis, we ensure a very high standard of service delivery is achieved. This in itself, creates the volume we need from every team member to make the business vision a reality.

We don’t want to be labelled as “the driving school with the most passes”, we would rather be known for –and be proud of- the school that made a difference. The school that treated every student with respect and dignity. A school that made the time you spent something to remember for the rest of your life. The school that helped you achieve something so special in life. By doing this, the pass rate, is self-explanatory.