Elmien Dreyer

Operations Manager

I started at Olympic in 2016. We were a team of 6 instructors, of which I was the newest. As we grew in reputation, we grew in workload. I decided to step up and help.
I started by only taking over the answering and sorting of emails in 2018. The workload didn’t slow down much and the team became bigger. I continued to help out as much as I could in between giving lessons myself. By doing this, I’ve learnt to work with customers and deal with daily challenges more effectively. I always put in my 110% and walk the extra mile with a client. My motto is POSITIVITY IS KEY.
In February 2021, I decided to approach the owner with a plan. I want to run Olympic full time.
After a lot of thinking and meetings, we came to an agreement. I am now Olympic’s full time Operations Manager.
I am a big believer of family first, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and fiancé. I am also part of a bike club, which is one of my bigger hobbies. I enjoy a Monster on almost a daily basis and my favourite food is Indian cuisine. My favourite animal, is a tiger. Fierce and strong, yet majestic in every possible way.
I am here to help in every way I can.